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kajiracad [userpic]
Waving hello
by kajiracad (kajiracad)
at February 24th, 2006 (07:26 am)

1. Favorite weekend night destination and why:
2. Subcultures or genres that interest you:
3. Favorite place that caters to your lifestyle (can be a shop, cafe, restaurant, bar, etc.):
4. What is your purpose for joining this community?

1. hotels with hot tubs; my house has only showers and i love a good soak

2. GBLT, leather, SM, pagan, poly, mensa, gaming, sci-fi (did i leave any out? lol)

3. Patrick's Pub, Barnes & Noble, The Joe, Sticky Fingers, Atlanta Bread Company, Green Dragon, Jumping Waters

4. old fat lady never wants to sing