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Vichesse Maleficente [userpic]
Receive an invite?
by Vichesse Maleficente (vichesse)
at August 20th, 2005 (08:40 pm)

current mood: hopeful

I've hand picked several people to join this community.

Many of you I've met, several of you I haven't, but when I looked you over, you fit my criteria:

1. You've been recently active on LJ.
2. You're local.
3. You're an interesting person I'd like to get to know.
4. We either have friends or interests in common (maybe both, in a few cases).
5. I think you'd be a valuable asset to this community.

That said, I hope all of you accept my invitations and help me carve out a niche for those of us who are multi-faceted and fascinating people and want something equally interesting to do with people who enjoy it just as much!

Any and all of you are welcome to friend me on LJ -- I'll add you back. I look forward to getting to know all of you!