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Madora [userpic]
Interested in rpgs?
by Madora (mistress_madora)
at September 5th, 2005 (09:54 am)

I've decided to attempt to teach people how to RP. Well, how to play a pencil/paper RPG anyway. Suprisingly when I posted to local communities I had a majority of the comments & emails I recieved say something along the lines of "Don't know how to help you, but that sounds like fun. Are you willing to teach people?"

So Yes, In September, when I return from leave I'm going to teach some people how to play. I'm going to start with Exalted because the rules are pretty simple (a lot easier to learn and follow than AD&D would be for beginners, I'm guessing).

For those in the area, whether you're new to RPGs or not, what do you say? Wanna join? Just drop me an email and include what your schedule would be like, so I can plan a time when as many as possible are available. (madoraAT gmail. com)