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ooaudreyoo [userpic]
by ooaudreyoo (ooaudreyoo)
at November 22nd, 2005 (05:01 pm)

ok... hi... im audrey and i am a recoveri... wait... wrong intro ;) ok
1. Favorite weekend night destination and why: i dont really have one bc im way too busy with work and school and sewing...
2. Subcultures or genres that interest you: eh i like tattoos bc my dad is a tat artist and so how could i not be? i like piercings and sewing and playing dress up with my friends.
3. Favorite place that caters to your lifestyle: the fabric store where i work. it is an infinite shopping center for my creativity.
4. What is your purpose for joining this community? i want to meet people who are different like me... like cairobat cuz shes cool!!!

also... a side note... i find that link to pantheon kinda funny bc i used to date one of the performers in middle school... he looks better in a dress than i do, i must admit!